CA Lic.#895746

Inch by inch and row by row , if you want to see your garden really bloom and grow then Kim Kabot is your garden wizard.
Our gardens in NY were originally planted by Kim some years ago and continue to thrive and beautify our lawn and home. She is knowledgable,responsible, talented and artistic. We were so sad when she moved to California  but we still benefit from her design and plantings. Our flowering plants always remind of the beautiful work of  Kim Kabot .

—Ann Sue, Roslyn

Kim has worked for us 7 or 8 years now. Every year Kim and her crew create container gardens around our pool, patio, entrances and decks. The first time she worked for us my husband came home wondering if we were going to have a wedding at the house. There was no wedding, but she did such a beautiful job that we continued to use her talents for our garden parties, an anniversary celebration and numerous holidays. We really appreciate her honesty, hard work, humor and always finishing projects on time and on budget.

—Marian and Pete, Old Westbury, NY

Kim has been working for me since 2009 and she has given me the garden of my dreams. Being from the Midwest I have had some interesting wants and desires for my garden and she has done everything possible to give me my peonies, hollyhocks, coneflower, etc. She has also given me the roses of my dreams and cares for them as if they were her own. My house is filled with beautiful flowers from my garden when it is in bloom which is almost 10 months of the year. I would be lost without her!

—Jane, Petaluma

Kim spent a lot of time looking at our garden and existing landscaping, talking to us about what we would like in terms of trees, shrubs, grasses, perennials, annuals and other features. She provided professional advice with a sense of humor and patience. She showed us pictures from garden books and magazines, which is extremely helpful. She has chosen plants that look wonderful, relocated trees and shrubs when necessary. We are reaping the benefits of her creativity!

—Linda and Jeff, Sebastopol

With a whole host of garden know-how, a trowel and her two dogs in tow, Kim Kabot miraculously transformed a lump of dirt into a lush, living garden that amazes with each season of growth.

—Aly, Sebastopol